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Gen. George S. Patton, Jr., Chapter

Minutes of the
June 8, 2007, Meeting

The regular monthly luncheon meeting of the General George S. Patton, Jr., Chapter SAR was held Friday, 8 June 2007, in the Garden Room of Marie Callender’s Restaurant, 1295 S. Victoria Ave., Ventura, CA. The meeting was called to order by Chapter President Henry with Compatriot Gary Smith giving the Invocation, Compatriot Bill Henry led the Pledge to the Flag, and the Pledge to the SAR. Following the pledge there was the introduction of members and guests. In attendance were eleven compatriots: President Bill Henry, Ward White, Richard Hawley, Steve Hurst, Ron Risley, Richard Caldwell, Gary Smith, Howard Holmes, Charles Holmes, Dick McMullen and Hale Hamiliton, The eight guests included Mrs. Fran Henry, Mrs. Shirley Hamilton, Mrs. Sunny McMullen, Mrs. Bernie Smith, Lt. Col. Jerry Lamont and guest, and the two guests of Howard Holmes.

Business Meeting. President Henry convened the business meeting at 11:30 a.m. The following reports were given:

a. Secretary: In the absence of Secretary Bob Taylor, Compatriot Ron Risley presented the minutes of the past chapter meetings on May 11 and the special meeting on May 19, Compatriot Hurst made a correction to the May 11 minutes to change “Huynh” to read “Nathan Huynh”. Both minutes were then approved as corrected.

b. Treasurer: Treasurer Richard Caldwell gave a financial report. There was a total of $11,467.06 on deposit at the Bank of America ($8,157.44 in endowments and $1,509.50 in savings and $1,800.12 in checking). A motion was passed to approve the report.

c. Registrar: Registrar Ron Risley reported that the applications for Burt Jacobs, Eric Hurst and Nathan Huynh were still pending at NSSAR. In addition he had received applications for James M. Williams Jr., his son, James L. Williams, and his grandson, Gavin J. Williams. Supplemental applications for Hale Hamilton (1); Joel Schmaeman (1); and Ward White (10) had been approved by NSSAR. A motion was passed to approve the report.

d. Other Reports: Ward White reported that Compatriot Harry Brown was doing well after surgery. Bill Henry reported that he and Fran would be making a road trip on June 17 back to the East Coast to attend the wedding of their son. Ron Risley reported that Frank and Willete Budroe were on a Danube River cruise in Europe between Bucharest, Romania and Budapest, Hungary, and that Bob Taylor was in San Diego working on an aircraft carrier.

Old Business: The following matters of old business were reported:

a. Memorial Day: Compatriot Gary Smith reported on the Memorial Day service at Conejo Mountain Memorial Park that he participated in on behalf of the SAR. A like service was done at Ivy Lawn Memorial Park in Ventura in which Compatriot Frank Budroe participated for the chapter.
b. Spirit of America Awards. Compatriot Risley reported on the four schools in the Pleasant Valley School District where our Compatriots would be making presentations at each of the following schools: 1)Los Altos Middle School (Bill Henry); 2) Monte Vista Middle School (Ward White); 3) Las Colinas Middle School (Gary Smith); and 4) Los Primeros Structured School (Bob Taylor).

c. Bylaws. Compatriot Henry reported that the revised chapter bylaws would be voted upon at the chapter meeting on July 13. The revised bylaws were published on the chapter website <>. Any comments or questions regarding the bylaws should be made to either Compatriot Hawley or Compatriot Risley.

d. Budget. Compatriot Caldwell gave an interim report on the work of the Budget Committee. A final report of a proposed budget for the last half of FY2007 is to be presented at the chapter meeting on July 13.

New Business: The following items of new business were discussed:

a. Eagle Scout: Compatriot Risley reported that the chapter would make an award to Eagle Scout Alex Gilmore of Newbury Park at his Court of Honor on June 16. Compatriot Hawley volunteered to take over the Eagle Scout Program from Compatriot Risley.

b. SAR Awards: Compatriot White presented the SAR Meritorious Service Medal to Compatriot Bill Henry in recognition of his dedication to the SAR and his strong leadership of the Chapter. Compatriot Henry presented the SAR Bronze Good Citizenship Medals to: 1) Compatriot Bob Colbern (2007 Compatriot of the Year); Compatriot Bob Taylor; Compatriot Chuck Bennett; and Compatriot Dick Hawley. The Outstanding Citizenship Awards were presented to: Compatriots Ward White, Steve Hurst, Cary Smith and Richard Caldwell. Distinguished Service Certificates were presented to: Compatriots Alan Buckley and Ron Risley, and Mrs. Rosemarie Risley.

c. Other New Business: Compatriot Henry distributed copies of the State Presidents Newsletter and commented on its contents. Compatriot Ward White commented upon the publicity in the Ventura County Star newspaper for the chapter meeting.

Recess: The Chapter recessed for lunch, and after lunch the chapter reconvened for the Program.

Program: Compatriot Ward White introduced Lt. Col. Jerry Lamont, USAF to give the program on “The Birth of Pakistan”.

Jerry Lamont flew for 63 years and logged 29,000 flying hours. He arrived in China - India - Burma Theater in 1944 and flew the Hump in C-46 transport aircraft. In 1946 he transferred into the Air Force Reserve. As a civilian airline transport pilot he flew a flight of four C-47 aircraft to Calcutta, India for the Indian Government. He then became senior Pilot, and later, General Manager, of Orient Airlines, the national airlines of the new Muslim country of Pakistan. He then recounted his hair-raising personal experiences when caught in the rivalry between Pakistan and India. He was presented with an SAR Certificate of Appreciation by Compatriot Henry.

Closing Ritual. The next meeting was announced for July 13 when the speaker will be Lara Godbille, Director of the SeaBee Museum at VCNB Port Hueneme, topic: “All About the SeaBee Museum”. After the SAR Recessional and the Benediction by Chaplain Gary Smith, the meeting was adjourned.

Ronald D. Risley, for Robert L. Taylor, Chapter Secretary