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Minutes of the 13 August 2010 Meeting

The regular monthly luncheon meeting of the General George S. Patton, Jr., Chapter SAR was held Friday, 13 August 2010, in the Garden Room of Marie Callenderís Restaurant, 1295 S. Victoria Ave., Ventura, CA. The meeting was called to order by President Bob Taylor. The Invocation was given by Compatriot Eric Stassforth, followed by the Pledge to the Flag, and the Pledge to the SAR.

In attendance were sixteen Compatriots: Vice President Bill Hurley, Treasurer Bill Bays, Genealogist Eric Stassforth, Ward White, Dr. Bill Henry, Steve Hurst, Ron Risley, Richard McMullen, Gene Cooper, Lou Krueger, Richard Caldwell, Jim Wyly, Richard Manzer, Bob Jordan and Ed Holt. The three guests included Vicki Schmaeman (Joelís mother) and Compatriotsí wives Mrs. Rosemarie Risley and Dr. Sunny McMullen.


Compatriot birthdays for the months of Jul and Aug were recognized by President Bob Taylor. President Taylor further requested the Compatriot wives who had celebrated birthdays to be recognized, and Vickie Schmaeman acknowledged having celebrated her birthday 4 August.

Neither Gil Anema nor Joel Schmaeman was present; so, once again the supplemental certificate presentation was again tabled until September.


Old Business:

  1. The Chapter was reminded to review the roster periodically to keep it current.
  2. Presenters for Chapter programs were requested for Sep and subsequent months.
  3. Volunteers to fill Committee vacancies were requested.
  4. The Jamestowne Society meeting for 23 October at the Regency Club in Westwood was again announced. Martha M. McCartney, Research Historian & Author, will be the featured speaker.

New Business:

  1. It was announced that Wallbuilders will be presenting a program at the Ventura Baptist Church 15 Aug. They are dedicated to preserving original documents pertaining to the founding of America and itís foundational doctrines.
  2. The three by-laws announced by CASSAR to be voted on at the Board of Managers Meeting of the Membership in Santa Clara 5-6 Nov were noted.
  3. Increasing Chapter participation in public events was discussed. Compatriot Stassforth mentioned his involvement in the genealogy table during the recent Ventura County fair, and the possibility the Chapter could rent space at the next fair for a SAR presence. It was also noted the Kern County Chapter provides a color guard every year for the 4th of July parade in Santa Barbara, which would be an ideal venue for our color guard. Compatriots Eric Stassforth and Rick Manzer offered the use of their convertibles as participants in parades for the Chapter, suitably adorned. It was moved and approved that Eric Stassforth investigate the entry requirements for the Chapter to participate in the next Ventura County fair.


The interactive program "Who Am I?", wherein selected members posed as famous luminaries of the Revolutionary War, was presented and was well received by the membership, generating discussion and questions.

Next Meeting: Friday, 10 September 2010

Closing: The meeting was adjourned following the SAR recessional and the benediction by Compatriot Eric Stassforth.

Respectfully submitted by,
Robert Taylor, Acting Chapter Secretary